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Shlohmo | Teeth

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 Valerie Belin

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Mishka Henner

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Book ‘Almost’ by Guy Archard

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Nature Studies - Diana Scherer

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Finnish artists Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen's photographic portrait series entitled “Eyes as Big as Plates”

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Hengki Koentjoro - Less is More

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Isabelle Menin - L’ivresse

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Vaka Valo - Esbat Stitches (2012)

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Jieun Park (Korea)

Korean artist Jieun Park transcripts in her work the simultaneous emotions of excitement and loneliness of travel. Jieun’s painting reveals entire nighttime cityscapes embedded in the blots of paint, glimpses of Paris, Lyon, Hong Kong, Prague… “My personal feelings are described as under-painted ink marks which are instinctively spreaded and dropped on the surface. As I create relatively realistic images of the city within the abstract ink marks, I try to record ourselves in this fast changing city and its double sidedness where colorful impression coexists with loneliness.”

[more Jieun Park | artist found at thisiscolossal]

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Angela Lindvall by Paolo Roversi for Krizia, F/W 1997.98

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